Swiftdrain Tops Itself by Completing Largest U.S. Trench Drain Project of 2020

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Dr. Akhil Sehgal Founder and CEO of Swiftdrain Ankit Sehgal Swiftdrain For more information on Swiftdrain, visit the website at www.swiftdrain.com or call 646-227-0910. New York, New York , Oct. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — By completing the Nation's largest continuous trench drain project this year, Swiftdrain continues to raise its own bar even higher. Swiftdrain was awarded the honor of designing, furnishing, and manufacturing a custom trench drain system for the St. Charles Rail Yard by the Louisiana Port Authority and Dow Chemical Company, and in a manner consistent with their past performance, they didn't disappoint.The assignment was subcontracted to Swiftdrain by the Dow Chemical Company, who appears to have found a long–term partner in these drainage experts. The Project Manager, Brent Neal explained their reason for choosing Swiftdrain, saying, “Swiftdrain's customer service was unparalleled throughout the entire design process straight through delivery, product quality and installation support; we will be using them for all upcoming drainage projects.”This particular assignment required both a counter–directional trench drain and catch basin system that was pre-sloped at a 1 percent grade with multiple bottom outlets. The 850–foot long drainage system made for the largest project by lineal footage this year, and was more than eight times longer than their most recent build at Warren Air Force Base. The trench drain system consisted of a 6–inch wide channel made from HDPE high–strength foam polymer for maximum durability and strength, and is pre–sloped for ease of installation. The grate is fabricated from recycled FE alloy, an economical material with the toughness and impact resistance suitable for its application. It is manufactured to withstand four different load ranges: 1–60 psi (Class A), 61–175 psi (Class B), 176–325 psi (Class C), and 326–575 psi (Class D), and is best suited to withstand loads equivalent to small to medium vehicles traveling at less than 20 mph. To accommodate customer preference, grate finishes are offered in various finishes, coatings and chemically resistant materials that can withstand freeze and thaw cycles and chemicals. Between the structural foam polymer channel and high-strength custom alloy grate, this HDPE trench drain system provides an economical alternative to conventional polymer concrete trench drain solutions while still offering excellent chemical resistance and structural integrity. While heavy-duty concrete may be more suitable for exceptionally heavy loads such as those sustained at Warren Air Force Base—for which Swiftdrain has also delivered solutions—the 6-inch HDPE polymer trench drain is the optimal solution for …read more

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