UFC Fight Island 4 results: Holly Holm thrashes Irene Aldana

By MMA Weekly

The UFC Fight Island 4 main event was a masterful performance by Holly Holm, who wants to get another title shot. With the type of performance she had in defeating Irene Aldana, she shouldn’t be too far off track.

Both being solid strikers, it took a while for either woman to find her groove as the fight got underway. Holm was the first to land any big shots, sticking her double-left hand on several occasions. Aldana countered on occasion, but it was Holm doing more of the damage and frequently finishing the combination with a kick.

Circling away from Aldana, Holm landed some solid side kicks to the midsection before briefly taking Aldana to the canvas. Aldana bounced back to her feet, but Holm stayed on her and took her down a second time before the round ended.

Aldana opened with a solid kick and a right hand counter in round two, but Holm continued her combinations, which kept Aldana on the defensive and at a deficit.

Aldana started to look a bit bewildered by the middle of the second frame. Holm kept circling away and then diving in with her blistering punch combinations and sticking her with the sidekick. 

Late in the round, Holm threw a jumping punch to set up a clinch and took Aldana to the canvas again. Holm couldn’t pass guard, so she dropped a few punches on Aldana before returning the fight to standing. She then continued blistering Aldana with combinations and that nasty sidekick.

Holm got going quickly in the third frame, continuing to pepper Aldana with punch combinations and sidekicks. But Aldana finally started to move forward more and attack. Just as she seemed to gain some momentum, Holm clinched and tripped her to the floor.

Working from side control, Holm moved to full mount. Aldana tried to buck her off, but Holm postured up and dropped numerous punches and elbows. Aldana finally knocked her from mount, but Holm hit her a few more times before the fight returned to the feet. 

It was an important moment for Aldana to survive that horrible position on the ground, but it wasn’t enough to turn the fight around. She used to it to continue pressing forward when they returned to their feet, but she still had trouble getting through to the former champion to do any damage.

Knowing she needed to do something to change the trajectory of the fight, Aldana kept pressing forward …read more

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